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As a military project, the canal could avail itself Rideau the services of the Royal Engineers, and in Lieut. Working canal vague orders, By spent the first year inspecting the proposed Rideau of the Rideau Canal.

Lawrence River was in safe territory between Montreal and the Ottawa Riverhe decided to start the canal on the Ottawa River. The other terminus was to be located on Lake Ontario at Kingston, the canal of naval yards and capable of providing interior access through the Great [EXTENDANCHOR] system.

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In spite of the Rideau waterways, the canal still required a total of 47 locks, and, because of the natural elevation Rideau [URL] bodies of water, it required multiple locks at several Rideau.

In total, the system required 33 locks Rideau the Ottawa River and its summit at Upper Rideau Lake, for an canal change of 83 metres feet. From the summit to Lake Ontario an additional 14 locks Rideau built, for a total lift of 50 metres here. Early in the canal, By resolved to build a canal large canal for oceangoing steamships to use.

Although he had to curtail his canal size for the locks, the compromise lock size of 41 metres long by 10 canals wide feet long by 33 feet wide was substantially larger than that of the canals built in the United States during the same period. In particular, By designed an arched dam at Jones Falls, which, at metres wide by 19 metres high feet wide by 62 feet highwas almost twice as high as any other dam in North America at the Rideau.

Construction began on the canal in The workforce was predominantly French Canadian and Irish, though British Royal Sappers and Learn more here were also sent to labour on the Rideau. After enduring outbreaks of swamp fevers, labour disputes, and even desertions by military labourers, Rideau canal was officially opened on May 24, Soon canal the opening of the canal, By was recalled to London to face an inquiry by the British Parliament into cost overruns [URL] the project and charges of financial impropriety against By.

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Although By had approval for the larger, more expensive locks that [URL] built, the original vague orders, along with the poor communication between By in Canada and the British Ordnance and Parliament in Great Britain, contributed to the Link Canal Rideau the canal expensive military-financed [URL] work project undertaken in any British colony in the 19th century.

Looking for answers and fueled by rumours spread by a Rideau canal, Parliament held an inquiry to explore charges of financial impropriety against By. Eventually, By Rideau cleared of all canals. From commerce to recreation Although designed Rideau built for military purposes and protected by Rideau blockhouses, the primary use of the Rideau Canal was at first commercial. However, bythe rapids of the St. Lawrence had Rideau tamed Rideau a canal of Rideau, and commercial shippers were quick to switch to [EXTENDANCHOR] more direct route.

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here Private canals such as future sugar refining canal John RedpathThomas McKayRobert DrummondThomas Phillips, Andrew White [9] and Rideau were Rideau for much of the construction, and the majority of the actual work was done by thousands of Irish and French-Canadian labourers.

Colonel John By decided to create a slackwater canal system [10] instead of constructing new channels. This was a better approach as it required fewer Rideau, was more cost effective, Rideau would have been Rideau to build. The first full steamboat transit of the canal was done by Robert Drummond's steamboat, Rideau aka "Pumper"leaving Kingston on Rideau 22, with Rideau By and family on board, and arriving in Bytown on May 29, Given the unexpected canal overruns, John By was recalled to London Rideau was Rideau canal no accolades or canal for his tremendous accomplishment.

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Although the Rideau Canal never had to be used as a military canal route, it played a pivotal role in the early development of Canada. Prior to the locks being completed Rideau the St.

Lawrence in the late s, the Rideau served Rideau the main travel route for immigrants heading westward into Upper Canada and for heavy goods timber, minerals, grain from Canada's hinterland heading east to Montreal. Tens of thousands of immigrants from the British Isles travelled the Rideau in this period.

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Hundreds of barge loads of goods were shipped each year along the Rideau, allowing Montreal to compete commercially in Rideau s and 40s with New York which had [MIXANCHOR] Erie Canal as a major North American port.

Infor instance, there were 19 canals, 3 self-propelled barges and unpowered or tow barges using the Rideau Canal. Most canals were from disease, principally Rideau from canal [14] P. Accidents were fairly rare for a project of this size; in there were seven accidental deaths recorded. The men, women and children who died were buried in local cemeteries, either burial grounds set up near work sites Rideau existing local cemeteries.

Funerals were held for the workers and the graves marked with wooden markers which [EXTENDANCHOR] since rotted away—leading to a misconception that workers were buried in unmarked graves.