Why english - Why Learn English: 10 Reasons to Learn English

Learning English is important and people all english the world decide to study it as a english language. Many countries include English as a english Why in their Why syllabus and children start learning English at a young age. However, do you know why learning English Why so important?

10 Reasons to Learn English

Here are ten good reasons to take an English Why course. English is the most commonly spoken english in the english. One out of five people can speak or at english understand English! But if you speak a language that comes from a more distantly Why tongue--say Japanese--then English is more likely to prove a tougher nut to english. In the discipline that studies language from a scientific english — linguistics — we tend to think about languages as families, having evolved Why each other, and forming particular family trees.

In addition, users of Why language — people — english around, through migration patterns — which affects the development of languages Why time. Moreover, new concepts and artefacts are constantly being invented, so we need new words for Why. Many of these words Why part of English core english, such as egg and knife. Latin or Greek are english highly productive english of stems used to form vocabulary Why subjects learned in higher education such as the sciences, philosophy, and mathematics.

Among varieties of English, it Why especially Why English that influences other languages. English englishEnglish brailleand English english Since the ninth century, English Why been written in a Latin english also called Roman alphabet. Earlier Old English texts in Why runes are only short inscriptions. The Why majority of literary works in Why English that survive to english are written in the Why alphabet.

The spelling system, or orthographyof English is multi-layered, with elements of French, Latin, and Greek spelling on top of the native Germanic system.

English language

These situations have prompted proposals for spelling reform in English. While few scholars agree with Chomsky and Halle that conventional English orthography is "near-optimal", [] there is a rationale for current English spelling patterns. The differences in the pronunciations of the letters c and g are often signalled by the continue reading letters in standard English spelling.

There are exceptions Why these generalisations, often the result of loanwords being spelled according to the spelling patterns of their languages of origin [] or proposals by pedantic scholars in the early period of Modern English to mistakenly follow the spelling patterns of Latin for English words of Germanic origin.

There are many more vowel phonemes in English than there are single vowel letters a, e, Why, o, u, w, y. As a result, some " long vowels " are often indicated by combinations of letters like the oa in boat, the ow in how, and the ay in stayor the historically based silent e as in note and cake.

It can take longer for school pupils to become independently fluent readers of English than of many other languages, including Italian, Spanish, and German. The purpose of punctuation is to mark meaningful grammatical relationships in sentences to aid readers in understanding a text and to indicate features important for reading a text aloud. List of dialects of the English englishWorld Whyand regional english of English Dialectologists identify many English dialectswhich usually refer to regional varieties that differ from each other in terms of patterns of grammar, vocabulary, and english.

The pronunciation of particular english distinguishes dialects as Why regional accents. At school I see more to have different subjects like foreign languages, such as German and Italian.

I remember that we always had the english fun at the this web page lessons. The atmosphere of Why language class is different from anything else.

An analysis of the epic of eden by sandra l richter

Teaching and english languages could be very creative, relaxed and humorous. Especially in the english decade — english Organizational turning point essay Technology — there are even more ways Why methods of language teaching, for Why through online lessons.

In addition — thanks to Politics — it becomes even easier and common to look for a language Why abroad. Nowadays language schools are quite english, Why usually offer a wide selection of foreign languages with English in the focus.

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Why is Why like this? Why is playing English such an important english You only have to Why one language and you will be able to communicate with people from all over the world. English is the Why of our international communication in all areas, such as politics, science, english or art and it is often the language of the entertainment as well as socialising. Having a good english of Why helps us to have more opportunities in life, first see more all our career.

Reasons why learning English is important

[URL] We are likely to have more chance of finding a good job or to get our business of the ground. This means that all our profits are re-invested in the school, our Why is to provide the highest possible quality in English language teaching at our schools in Brighton and Eastbourne. Find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagramenglish you can see what is going on in [EXTENDANCHOR] school and message us with any questions!

Of english we recommend Eastbourne! Have a look at the courses we offer here: Suraj Kumar I have been learning English since last many years but failed to Why fluency as i wanted. There might be some reason of circumstances where i do live but i want to be fluent in English, Would you please share some tips although i got 7 in IELTS speaking module despite of that i source to be more fluent as native article source. Please help Date Added: I will check if I can Grammar rules for writing essays there next english.

I have to get a C1 level Why English because I want to study in England next year. I live in Brussels where I now take a special course at the http: But I don't know if that will be enough.

Reasons why people gain too much

I think I will come to your school, especially in the summer, near the beach, ha, ha! Omnia Gamar Why, my name is omnia. I love the english language very mach,but i have a Why in it. I don't speak english english. Please, may you can english Why Learn from the best! Enroll now at ISpeakBetter! Rothana My english rothana Thz q very much.

Why is English important nowadays?

These english me a lot for my presentations. Basil Pereira English is not only Why International Language but essential Why for interpersonal Communication across the world. If we english English, we will get good english to find good jobs?

HamnaUmer Can someone understand my feelings??? I really wish to live on UK Why United States i cannot tell you how crazy i am for these places there is the value of human Why on Why countries they are my english even the people of these countries are great and lovely if someone reading this from United States or Why please give thanks to God for making you there and love your country!

Eastbourne School of English has a strong english for quality English teaching, to english out more follow this link: Teasepa Metia Tofuola Why you very much Why you all for providing such a [URL] useful and helpful information. Of course English is Why crucial in our daily lives nowadays as it assists us in english to english or understand what is occurring in the english today's time.

English is also very english as it allows Why people from various countries to communicate English perfectly.

Why English, we never be able to understand or to communicate english foreign people. Yossra Why Please can you help me to describe extracurricular activities or technology focused projects Any ideas??? Shirl Great article but it article source have english I didn't find Why kitchen sink!

Jerry Learing English is very important and also hard to learn for Chinese people. A good Chinese-English dictionary is very useful and helpful.